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All too often, healthcare focuses only on the treatment of emergencies (which is where conventional medicine excels).  Our approach is truly holistic. In chronic illness, through comprehensive nutritional and metabolic testing, we discover the primary causes of your illness, symptom, or problem.  As you'll see on the Health Map page, there are never fewer than 7 primary causes in chronic illness.  In every mental/emotional problem, there are some biological causes. And in every physical illness, one of the primary causes is what I call “The Stress Factor.”  Integrative Psychiatry must include mental and physical treatments.
Most chronic illness is invisible. Whether you have CFS/ME, irritable bowel syndrome, or depression, you may look wonderful to most people. That's good news and bad news. People feel better when they make the effort to look good. At the same time, people with chronic illness are much sicker than they appear, which makes them feel misunderstood and isolated. Illness causes life to get out of balance. People lack the energy and peace of mind to fully share their lives with their loved ones...and to enjoy life.  

You may have had extensive standard lab work, but standard lab work can't provide information that's useful in treating depression, CFS, or most chronic illnesses.  When I review the lab results with you, there will be a great deal of useful, treatable information, and that data will usually form one coherent whole. While the biochemistry is complicated, my job is to make the lab work understandable to you.  Whether you are seeking help for hives, indigestion, pain, exhaustion, or 75 other symptoms, that symptom is the tip of the iceberg.  The root causes, the rest of the iceberg, are disturbances in total body biochemistry, or what I call “Metabolic Chaos.”  I've treated many people for skin conditions. They've already been given a variety of skin creams - anti-fungals, antibiotics, wetting agents, drying agents, and steroids.  My experience is that eczema or urticaria are caused by extensive underlying disturbances in biochemistry along with inflammation and an overactive stress (fight-or-flight) response.  And that is true of almost all chronic illness. You may have 1 or 2 symptoms, but they are the tip of the iceberg.

The human body has about 70 trillion cells. We are treating all of them. Obviously, my goal is to alleviate suffering. I want to help you with the thing that is bothering you most, but my experience of 34 years in private practice is that, when we resolve one symptom, 50 others are usually going to improve. If you're exhausted and can't function, obviously, we need to get to the bottom of that and help restore your energy. Without energy everything in life is difficult.  But, I know that healing involves bringing your life into balance on all levels.  I'm thinking long-term.  Most chronic illness is caused by reversible causes. I aspire to helping my patients to become better than their “normal.”  One of my long-term goals for my patients is to help them live a long, healthy life, and a very brief terminal illness - Live long, die short.

My formal residency training was in Psychiatry and so part of my work is in Integrative Psychiatry. The mental/emotional work is targeted and strategic. I work with mental fitness techniques - meditation, interactive guided imagery, mood words, breath work, and BCTR (body-centered-trauma resolution).  I write very few prescriptions for psychiatric medications.  My experience in psychiatry led to a long exploration of the mind-body connection. Eventually my work became a blend of physical treatments and mental/emotional approaches.  With mental fitness techniques we can cut stress in half. We can reduce pain dramatically. We can accelerate healing, whether the problem is mental or physical. Because mind and body are intimately inter-connected, an approach that directly deals with the mind-body connection is part of a truly holistic approach.

​Healing is not simply about taking the right nutrient or medication. Healing is about becoming whole; it's about a doctor getting to know the person who has a symptom, problem, or diagnosis...and then helping empowering the individual's innate healing abilities.
​​I hope that this web site will provide information that is useful on your personal healing journey. — David Gersten, M.D.
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​You will find it easy to locate articles I've written, and web sites which explain different aspects of my approach. I've published more than 300 articles. I've written a monthly column on Alternative Medicine for The Life Connection for 14 years. About a third of those TLC articles are archived and can be reached through the above link. 
In the beginning, billions of years ago, a few chemicals existed as the primordial soup. Those chemicals produced amino acids, the building blocks of all life. Twenty key amino acids eventually produced proteins, and those proteins eventually became the structure of cells. Cells were the foundation that allowed all forms of animals and plants to develop. From these earliest beginnings, these collections of amino acids and cells became alive. Life mysteriously arose. How far back do amino acids go? Scientists have found meteorites, billions of years old, that contain amino acids. In the 1960’s research began on the clinical applications of these life-giving compounds. 55 years later, and millions of research studies later, amino acid therapy is slowly becoming part of nutritional medicine. It took the dedicated work of courageous pioneers for amino acid therapy to become widely known. Amino acids are the key nutrients that helped give birth to life on Earth billions of years ago. They remain the key to your health, healing, and vitality.