In mid-2020 I began to see and hear stories, as a psychiatrist, that I had never heard before. People were reporting severe, strange symptoms that did not fit into any neat category. After watching a video by AmazingPolly about "torture" as part of our current life, I wondered if she was right. The POW Survival Guide came to mind. I wrote the Guide for the Allied Troops of Operation Desert Storm and it became part of army and navy SERE training during Operation Desert Storm. (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape). SERE is training in the event our troops are captured. I wrote the first version in 3 days and printed 500 copies. I was asked to present to the navy SERE program at Coronado, California. One of the navy pilots offered to fly the 500 copies to Saudia Arabia the next day. Eventually, the military retired the "Guide" to the National POW museum in Georgia. 

In 2012, I realized that almost everyone could benefit from the techniques provided in the Guide, techniques to help with anxiety, pain, stress, boredom, and uncertainty. The original book was 29 pages. It had very little theory and a lot of technique that people could easily learn and memorize. They obviously would not be carrying "The POW Survival Guide" into combat. The new version is 79 pages. As I rewrote it, I asked myself, "What is really the essence or the goal of those various torture techniques. The answer was, "Uncertainty." I re-read that chapter as if I'd never read...or written it. That chapter is called "The 10 Uncertainties." After re-reading it, different pieces of Quarantine Stress Disorder began to flood my mind and I came to believe that "torture" was the right word to describe the Mind behind QSD. I created The Quarantine Stress Disorder video in December 2020. It's at the top of this page. Shortly after that I created a video called "Amino Acid Therapy for Anxiety," which is on the "Anxiety" link on this site. The QSD and the Amino Acid Therapy for Anxiety video are two big pieces that explain most of QSD. Before proceeding, below is the cover of The POW Survival Guide, along with a link to Amazon.com. 
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I created the "AMINO ACID THERAPY FOR ANXIETY" video in April 2021. The left side of the graphic below is half of the Anxiety graphic. Anxiety involves long-term alterations in normal brain chemistry AND fight-or-flight physiology, which leads to anxiety and is probably THE cause of panic attacks. The right side of the graphic below provides the second half of Quarantine Stress Disorder (QSD).

QSD involves severe, constant stressors that trigger fight-or-flight physiology AND High Intensity Life Disruptors (tools of brainwashing) that has its own cascade of problems and symptoms. 
Now that you have my latest thoughts and images about Quarantine Stress Disorder, let me explain it briefly. QSD = Fight-flight-freeze (FFF) plus Brainwashing. FFF will lead to anxiety, panic, and adrenal gland dysregulation. The left side of the graphic is half of the full Anxiety Graphic. 

Brainwashing is induced through High Intensity Life Disruptors. These are specific, relentless stressors, or High Intensity Life Disruptors. These High Intensity Life Disruptors are constant stressors, constantly stimulating Fight-or-Flight physiology, keeping people in a constant state of fear, anxiety, stress, and dread.The left side of the graphic is all about how stress activates the sympathetic nervous system and decreases activity of the parasympathetic nervous system.

On the right side of the graphic, High Intensity Life Disruptors, involves: Breakdown of daily routine, lack of exercise, immobility, erratic irrational mandates, social isolation, and lack of physical touch. This first set of High Intensity Life Disruptors causes the next level:

Powerlessnes, destabilization, demoralization, painful loneliness, time distortion, overwhelming fear, and identity confusion. These first 2 levels can cause anxiety, depression, suicide, and loss of identity. A person's life is falling apart. This leads to:

Mental and physical exhaustion, loss of critical thinking, submission to authority, and a broken spirit. At this level an individual is so worn out that he or she will do what they are told to do. The brainwashing plans and strategies are complete. They have confidently headed off to get a jab in the arm without much questioning.

To see the full graphic for "Amino Acid Therapy for Anxiety," check out the anxiety page on this site: http://drdavidgersten.homestead.com/ANXIETY.html

We already have a nation of traumatized people. As QSD progresses, people have less mental and physical energy to keep fighting for their God-given rights. Without an understanding of Quarantine Stress Disorder, doctors will be making recommendations that are overly-simplistic and that do not deal with the multiple causes of QSD. 
— David Gersten, M.D.